General Acceptance within the Industry that Will Disputes Loom.

Many wills drawn up during the pandemic could be invalid, and risk being disputed.

There has been a surge in people drawing up wills in recent months. If drawn up incorrectly, they could later be contested.

People have been rushing to update and draw up wills during the pandemic, but many will have not have been executed correctly.

For the avoidance of doubt, the need for two witnesses has added a number of complications to the process.

Again for the avoidance of doubt, the current law states that signing a will, must be in the presence of two witnesses, who must then sign themselves.

‘All parties must be present while the act of signing and witnessing of the wills take place, and all must have an uninterrupted line of site’.

Another problem could arise if people ask family members to be witnesses.

It is crucial that the witnesses cannot be a spouse or one of the beneficiaries in the will.

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