Mission Statement

The Company as its mission statement undertakes to:

  1. Comply with your instructions with reasonable skill, care and expedition appropriate to your needs.
  1. Provide you with the best advice on matters relating to the work we are engaged in.

In some cases, this may mean advice to draw up other documents, or take other action, which may incur further fees. In such cases full details of such charges will be given to you in advance, and you are under no obligation to proceed with any ancillary services offered.

However, in some circumstances you may be asked to sign a declaration stating that you are acting against the advice given.

  1. We undertake to comply with your instructions, using all due skill, care and expedition appropriate to the needs of the client.
  1. Maintain the strictest confidentiality, and not to pass on your details to any further organisation without your expressed written position, unless legally required to do so, and to comply with all legislation enforced relating to Date Protection.
James O'Malley CEO