Selling Your Business

Are You Interested In Selling Your Business?

We are keen to expand our business, and if you are interested in selling your business then please contact us.

We are particularly keen to acquire businesses which are similar to ours, and these would include, but not necessarily limited to Will Writing and Probate Practicing Firms. Firms that have a Will bank.

We are also interested in acquiring businesses that may supplement our main business, which again without limitation may include Heir Hunting businesses, any other businesses relating to private client work.

We are able to produce references if required.

We are experienced in these matters, and we will enter into a Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement, as to protect your interest.

Please see link to the draft type of document we have used in the past.

We have funds to acquire businesses , and we can demonstrate this if required.

We have access to funding requirements depending upon the value of the business to be acquired.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important work takes time, we will deal with complicated estate administrations, and receive instructions from all over the world including, Government Departments, Foreign Courts, Foreign Attorneys, Will writers, Accountants, Solicitors, Insolvency Practitioners and Insurance Companies.


Your company has great empathy with us at this difficult time, for which we are most appreciative.


Work is not just about money, it is about achievement.