Emergency Wills

We have acted and continue to act in many cases where urgent wills are required, indeed we have attended people in their final days in hospital to ensure that their will meets the appropriate requirements, and a valid will was made either as a first time will, or a new will.

The important factor in these situations is that the testator (the person making the will) should have the mental capacity to understand the instructions they are giving, and understand the consequences of the will, which must always be read through to them, and their confirmation and understanding of the will being made before the will is signed.

In view of the recent Corona virus epidemic, urgent wills have now become even more important. We are acting under the Government and Law Societies guidelines, in that we can if needed take instructions for wills remotely, i.e. over the telephone or via email, or letter correspondence system.

We guarantee that if we receive the instructions for a draft will, that draft will shall be sent to the testator for consideration within 24 hours.

If we get the acceptance or agreed amendments in respect of the will, we further guarantee that a final will shall be dispatched to the testator within 24 hours.

We are always open for emergency wills, and please use the contact details provided by the website to make contact, and we will make sure that these are met. We will ensure also that there is agreed fee between ourselves and the clients before the work commences.

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