TV Star’s sons claim mother cut them out of will but will not contest

TV Star’s sons claim mother heavily sedated when making will cutting them out but will not contest will.

The sons of TV actor Lynda Bellingham have said she was heavily medicated when she signed the will.

Her two sons appearing on TV’s ‘This Morning’ said they accepted the will said that everything be left to their stepfather. They also said the new will that cut them out was signed just two weeks after their mother had been rushed into hospital for emergency surgery.

Mrs Bellingham was rushed into hospital and informed that she had a 50/50 chance of survival from surgery.

Her sons said that she was on heavy medication and two weeks after she had been told she had a 50/50 chance of dying she was making a will.

The Will made in December was rushed and there was no reason to rush this argued her sons. She survived until the following October and we wanted to be part of the decision process but were excluded.

The sons said “what we want people at home to understand, is that it is about the money, of course it is. Our Mum would have wanted us to have the financial security as part of her wishes but this did not happen”

They said they would not challenge the will.

Mrs Bellingham’s third husband to whom the estate has been left said probate has not yet been obtained. When it has I will make a statement.

On the face of it the sons would appear to have a case to challenge the will. We do not know all the details.