Three Counties Legal – Professional Attorney Services

Our charges:

We deal with a mixture of straight forward and complicated Powers of Attorneys in a personal capacity and also for business or commercial Power of Attorneys.

Please give us a call for a quotation for any Power of Attorney you may require.

Our aim is to provide a transparent and clear pricing structure, with no hidden fees.

Your LPA authorises us to charge for work we carry out in respect of our appointment as your professional attorney.

We will only charge for the work we carry out in relation to our appointment. This means our fees will be directly linked to the amount of help you need. You will be invoiced on a periodic basis or, if we deal with all of your financial affairs, invoices will be produced and we will take our fees from an account of your choosing.

Our charges are based on our hourly charge out rate details of which we will supply and agree with you before we commence any work. These are in accord with our general terms and conditions of business.

This does not take into account any disbursements that may or may not become payable in relation to transactions that are required to be carried out as part of our appointment.