The Creeping Disease of Dementia

New research has been carried out as to the number of people that are now suffering with dementia, and in particular, the start of the oncoming of disease within the UK and the adult community.

It really is important to promote the awareness of this awful disease, and recently the actress Kerry Mulligan, has been appointed the first UK Global Dementia Friends Ambassador, by the Alzheimer’s Society and the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The star of films such as Suffragette and The Great Gatsby, aims to inspire and engage world leaders to promote a better understanding of dementia, a condition afflicting her own grandmother.

Her first action in her new role was to mark ‘World Alzheimer’s Day’ by delivering a ‘dementia friends’ session to a youth group in Los Angeles, to spread a greater awareness of this to younger people about the condition.

The actress said, “My Nan has dementia, and I have experienced first-hand how devastating it can be. It affects everybody differently, and it so important that everybody affected by the condition is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

The first step involves educating people and breaking down stigma, not just on our own doorstep, but across the world. I have seen my mum doing this in her role as Dementia Friends Champion, now I am honoured to become the first Global Dementia Friends Ambassador, and help the Alzheimer’s Society and the Government change global attitudes towards this terrible disease.

The involvement of celebrity shows the growing problem with dementia, and the importance the Government and Health officials now attached to it.

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