Larke V Nugus Statement

A request for a Larke V Nugus statement, may seek to establish some of the following information and documentation:

It is likely to request some of the following, but this is not an exhaustive list;

  • How long the will drafter had known the deceased?
  • Who introduced the will drafter to the deceased?
  • The date the will drafter received instructions from the deceased.
  • Contemporaneous notes of all meetings and telephone calls, including all information of where the meeting took place, and who else was present at the meeting.
  • How the instructions were expressed.
  • What indication the deceased gave that they knew they were making a will.
  • Whether the deceased exhibited any signs of confusion, loss of memory or ill health.
  • Whether and to what extent earlier wills were discussed, and what attempts where made to discuss departures from the deceased earlier will making pattern.
  • What reasons the testator gave for making any such departures.
  • How the provisions of the will were explained to the deceased.
  • Who, apart from the intesting witnesses, were present at the execution of the will, and where, when, and how this took place?

This can be a complicated and challenging part of the law.

Where considering making a claim, or contesting a will, legal advice should be taken.

Please feel free to make contact with us, where we will endeavour to give an initial opinion of the chances of success.