Having the Last Laugh

As one can imagine, some of the work we deal with is very serious, and full of emotion and stress.

Perhaps on a lighter note, some wills can be downright bizarre, and some odd requests can be made, and have been made from our own personal experience, and famous peoples well know wishes. This also includes instructions for the distribution of ashes, which are often very specific but somewhat strange.

In an effort to lighten the aspect of our work.

Perhaps the most famous example of an odd request was Shakespeare’s gift of his ‘second best bed’ to Ann Hathaway, his wife of 34 years.

The gift was ‘item I, Gyve unto my wief, my second best bed’ William Shakespeare.

Today this may look like a snub, but at the time it was actually common to specifically gift a bed in a will in the 1600, as they were a representation of wealth. As a wife, you would at least expect the best though.

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