Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have a Will.


  • You know when you are going to die.
  • You’ve got loads of time.
  • You rather like the idea of your children battling over your estate, and falling out and never speaking to each other again!
  • You dislike your spouse, and would prefer them to struggle with legal issues, tied up in expensive litigation with your children for years.
  • Your family doesn’t need the money.
  • You actually much prefer the idea of the Government, taking as much as they wish from your estate for taxes.
  • You think foster care would be the best place for your children, while Social Services fight in Court over which relative gets custody.

Of course, we are being particularly flippant. Like us, you will not agree with any of these reasons.

You should be asking yourself one very important question –

What Logical Reason is there for you not to have a Will?

A will is perhaps the most important document you will ever sign in your life. It is not particularly expensive, and it allows you to leave your estate to the persons you wish to receive it.

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