Executors Disputes

An executor is someone appointed by a will to administer the deceased’s estate after their death.

A person can appoint as many executors as they like. However the Probate Registry will only accept four appointment for the grant of probate or indeed for Letters of Administration

where there is no will.

Increasingly these days executors appear to dispute how a deceased’s estate is managed or distributed.

We are constantly amazed in some disputes as some executors seem to believe that when the estate comes to be distributed they can completely ignore what is said in a will and they distribute the monies how they seem fit. This is very dangerous for them to do so,

If you are currently involved in  a dispute with a fellow executor or feel the executor should be made accountable for the way in which the estate is administered you have several options.

In severe cases this may involve applying to the court for the removal of a executor or substitution of an executor from their office.

Alternatively if you are an executor concerned about your appointment or possible claim we can help and advise you.

In all matters we will try and deal with this as mediation rather than court proceedings to avoid costly and lengthy process through the court system.