COVID-19 Notice


We wanted to place on record our very best wishes to all our clients and connections, and to your families during these challenging times.

The Covid 19 crisis has resulted in a considerable spike in work for us, which is in some instances very challenging.

Wherever you are, the ongoing pandemic will have affected people in many different ways, and our thoughts are with you, and all of us collectively seek to overcome this crisis.

Although we never forgot, we are reminded of the importance of community in over coming difficult times.

We continue to provide legal and support services, although we are following the Government guidelines as to safety at work, and currently a number of our staff are working from home.

We do have the ability to work from home very effectively.

In some respects we had a dry run earlier in the year, as we are based in Gloucestershire and were subject to the floods, resulting in our offices having to be closed for about ten days.

We are acutely aware that people and families want to have their affairs dealt with as quickly and as urgently as possible, and we have committed ourselves to providing clients who instruct us on new wills, to have a draft will back to them within 24 hours. If we receive confirmed instructions and acceptance of our draft, we have further committed to let clients have an engrossment of a will for execution within 24 hours.

We are also supporting the ‘Tewkesbury Food Bank’ and every will that we are paid on, we will denote 25% of our fee to that worthy cause.

We continue to have all our employees in work, we do not propose to furlough any employee, neither do we intend to apply for the Government Intervention at work funding.

The Corona virus pandemic has presented the world with an unprecedented situation, where advice and recommendations are understandably changing as it evolves, which makes it all the more important that we remain agile, and continue to give appropriate advice in good faith, based on the facts and how we feel we can best deploy our resources, to offer the right level of support to the right people. This in itself will be an evolving process, and we continue to keep our activity under review.

Please contact us if you need any help or support, in respect of matters that we deal with.

Stay Safe.