Applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney, sometimes referred to as ‘Living Wills’

Have doubled in two years according to the research carried out by the Times Newspaper.

The number of applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), has doubled in the last two years.

The Times says that half a million LPA’s, were set up last year by people seeking to protect their interests, in case they develop illnesses like dementia at some point in the future.

LPA’s which are sometimes referred to as Livings Wills, enable you to appoint somebody you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you lose the capacity to do so for yourself.

You can have an LPA to cover your financial matters or personal welfare issues or both, the same person can cover both functions, or you can appoint different people if you prefer.

It is likely that the number of applications for LPA’s will continue to increase over the coming years, as the population ages, and people become more concerned about their health and mental capacity.

The system is administered by The Office of Public Guardians, which ensure safe guards are in place to protect your interests.

LPA’s should be set up with the help of somebody who understands the complexities of the drafting of the LPA, to ensure that they fully meet your needs and provide and necessary safe guards to give you peace of mind.

One thing that should be remembered is that an LPA can only be used once it has been registered and returned to us from The Office of Public Guardians.

At the moment some applications are taking up to 18 weeks, and these are the ones where no requisitions are made.

Therefore, if you believe you need an LPA, you should consider it well in advance of when you would actually need to use one.

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